Collection: Hair Removal

Women Hair Removal Guide

Depilation or hair removal is a process by which one removes hair from the body. Veet has several hair removal products that can meet your different needs,

A Short-Term Solution

 Hair removal creams which are an efficient and easiest way to remove unwanted hair. Veet offers one of the best hair remover creams in the market. When used for hair removal, it can help you achieve smooth skin. It is enhanced with moisturizing and nourishing agents, which help in keeping your skin healthy. You can use it quite easily as part of your regular grooming routine, and even while taking a shower. Depilatory creams dissolve the hair at the skin’s surface and make it easier to remove. The regrown hair has a smoother, finer tip, so it does not feel coarse to the touch.  Veet hair removal creams only requires 5 minutes for an efficient hair removal. The new Veet 5 in 1 hair removal creams provides 5 in 1 skin benefits, It moisturises, smoothens, exfoliates, freshens and brightens. 

A Long-Term Solution

A longer term solution is waxing, which is as effective on thick hair as it is on finer body hair. Plus, it keeps body hair away for up to four weeks.  Veet Cold Wax strips are ready to use wax strips, which unlike salon wax, doesn’t require additional heating and are less painful than the salon wax.

Points of caution you must exercise while doing unwanted hair removal

  • Never wax or depilate cut or broken skin. Similarly, trim the hair if it is too long (longer than 7 mm) to ensure easier hair removal.
  • Post hair-removal, do not apply any scented products on the skin. Apply an ice pack if the skin is red or sore, and wear loose cotton clothing that does not cling to the skin.
  •  Avoid swimming and direct sun exposure for at least 24 hours after hair removal.