Collection: Veet Gel Waxing Strips

Veet Cold Wax Strips-Ready To Use Wax Strips

The Veet Cold Wax Strips come coated with wax, and no separate heating is required.

  • Veet Cold Wax Strips offer an easy, convenient solution to hair removal on the visible parts of the body. You can wax yourself in the comfort and privacy of your home, as per your convenience.
  • Veet Cold Wax Strips come packaged in a box, which contains cold wax strips, skin cleansing wipes to remove excess wax, and an instruction leaflet. Each wax strip comes with a grip tab for easy pulling, and can be used at least thrice before it loses its stickiness. You may also cut the strip to the desired size for waxing the bikini area and underarms.
  • The only limitation is you cannot use it for your face, chest, back, and shoulders or genital and vagina waxing.