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AccuChek Active Glucometer Test Strip, Pack of 100

AccuChek Active Glucometer Test Strip, Pack of 100

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  • The Accuchek Active strips are simple and effective and help you to keep tabs on your diabetes regularly. It also fulfils ISO 15197 2013 standards of accuracy
  • No coding required: Accuchek Active blood glucose meter is easy to use as it doesn't require any code chip for coding the meter. Thus keeping your sugar monitoring needs simple
  • Direction for Use/Dosage: There is no setup required just insert a test strip, apply a small blood sample and read your blood glucose result on the large display
  • Clever functionality: Accuchek Active strip is a hassle-free product. The blood is automatically absorbed by the strip and spreads quickly across it. The system then provides a fast and accurate result
  • Easy-handling: A clear protective barrier runs along the entire length of the test strip to protect the strip and the chemistry, which makes it easy to use.

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