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Colgate Total Waxed Dental Floss - 50m

Colgate Total Waxed Dental Floss - 50m

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Dental Floss for interdental plaque removal

Dentists and hygienists recommend brushing and flossing daily to help maintain strong teeth and healthy gums. Daily flossing will help to keep plaque from building up and remove food particles from hard-to-reach places between teeth and around the gumline.
  • Contains a coating of natural wax to slide comfortably between teeth
  • Resistant to shredding, fraying and tearing.
  • Available in 25m for home use. 
  • Single filament PTFE
  • Effective interproximal plaque removal
  • Break off about 18" of floss and wind most of it around your middle fingers.
  • Carefully slide floss between your teeth, using a gentle sawing motion, until it reaches the gumline.
  • Scrape the sides of the tooth by moving the floss up and down.

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