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Dabur Lal Tail - Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil , 100 ml

Dabur Lal Tail - Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil , 100 ml

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Dabur Lal Tail is a specially crafted Ayurvedic baby massage oil made with time tested ingredients that have many proven benefits for babies Dabur Lal Tail contains Ratyanjot which helps protect the baby’s skin, camphor which helps with blood circulation, Shankhpushpi which is good for skin health and in weakness, and Urad which nourishes muscles and bones Regular massage with Dabur Lal Tail also helps relieve colic and other digestive problems, improves sleep patterns of your little one, and stimulates blood circulation.

  • Dabur lal tail is clinically tested to give 2x faster physical growth (basis a 10-week clinical research on babies up to 6 months of age in comparison to no massage group)
  • Strengthen’s baby’s bones and muscles
  • Induces better sleeping pattern
  • Keeps the baby’s tender skin soft and supple
  • Enriched with shankpushpi, ratyanjot and ashwagandha

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