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Dettol Multi-Use Skin & Surface Wipes, Floral - 10 Count|

Dettol Multi-Use Skin & Surface Wipes, Floral - 10 Count|

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  • Safe on the skin - Sanitize and clean hands, wrists, elbows and other exposed parts of the body.
  • Suitable for use on Germ Hotspots in Public Places Great for disinfecting surfaces with public access like restaurants tables, benches, office furniture to keep you safe.Ideal to Clean Multiple Surfaces.
  •  Easy to carry with a resealable Moisture-lock lid.
  • Practical for everyday use on furniture, fridges, taps, sinks, door knobs, kitchen, bathroom surfaces, floor cleaning, children’s surfaces and electronics that are germ hotspots.
  • Suitable for most hard Surfaces - non-porous surfaces including Finished Wood, Sealed Marble, Stainless Steel, Laminated Floors, Glass and Plastic. 
  • Safe for use on electronics. Use them freely on smartphones, tablets, remote controls, computers, keyboards & mouses.
  • Practical for everyday use - Safe for use in kitchen, appliances, door knobs and bathroom surfaces

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