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SacredHerbs Botanically Activated Gel Hair Color 240ml

SacredHerbs Botanically Activated Gel Hair Color 240ml

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  • SacredHerbs Hair Color is India’s 1st pH Neutral Hair Color. SacredHerbs™ Hair Color not only acts upon hair roots but also adds on to the thickness of the hair strands which will accentuate the hair volume. 
  • Non Toxic hair colour.
  • PPD free, No Ammonia, No Formaldehyde and No SLS, No Resorcinol.
  • pH Neutral  Botanically Activated gel Hair Color

  • 1000 Times Less Alkaline  than developer based chemical hair color

  • Certified organic and Doctor Recommended: Eco-certified Organic Hair colour.

  • Bioactive natural ingredients

  • Available in 5 Shades: 

    Natural Black 1.0, Dark Brown 3.0, Medium Brown 4.0, Burgundy 3.60, Light Brown 5.0 

     Effective coverage of grey hair: Just a single application is required to effectively cover grey hair. Long lasting cream hair colour.

The box contains a complete kit with hair color powder, hair gel, gloves, brush, instruction sheet & post coloring ColorLock Shampoo & Conditioner for a beautiful color along with healthy, shiny & voluminous hair.
  • Step-1 Preparing the color mixture - Mixing Ratio (a) Full length hair: Mix 2 bottle powder + 1 full bottle gel (b) Shoulder length hair: Mix 1 bottle powder + 1/2 bottle gel  

    Put on Gloves. Take the required amount of powder and Gel and mix both ingredients in a non metallic mixing bowl. Mix vigorously for 1 minute. Do not store powder bottle once opened.

  • Step-2 Application

    Apply the mixture using a brush to grey areas first and then the rest of the hair in sections. Continue application until all hairs are well covered with the color. Refer the Instruction Leaflet for details.

  • Step-3 Time

    When application is completed, leave the color for 30-45 min. Do not store any remaining mixture. if any color gets on your skin, dip a towel in shampoo and gently remove the stain.

  • Bioactive natural ingredients

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