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Tynor Pregnancy Abdominal belly-Back Support Maternity Belt

Tynor Pregnancy Abdominal belly-Back Support Maternity Belt

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Pregnancy Back Support Belt is useful for supporting the lower back lumbosacral region and alleviate the symptoms of pregnancy lower back pain and abdominal support during pregnancy. It also provides comfort to the pregnant mother while she is working or travelling. 

  • Provides effective immobilization of back and relieves back ache associated with pregnancy last trimester.
  • No harsh or direct pressure on baby and provides support in lifting baby.
  • Improves user comfort through better ventilation & light weight.
  • Easy to use, can be worn inside clothes, Aesthetically pleasing and Durable.
  • EXACT FIT - For perfect fit and more comfort we recommend user to strictly follow the size chart shown and measurement must be taken according to the instructions provided.


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