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Veet Gel Waxing Strips For Senstive Skin

Veet Gel Waxing Strips For Senstive Skin

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Product Features

 Available in: 

  • Pack of 4N, 8N and 20N (Scroll the size to add variant in the cart)
  • With Almond Oil and Cornflower Scent.
  • Re-usable, Ready-to-Use Wax Strips
  • Perfect Finish Wipes
  • 1 Leaflet


  • LONG-LASTING SMOOTHNESS: Gives salon-smooth skin for up to 28 days in the comfort of your home
  • EASY TO USE: Pre-coated wax strips – No heating, no mess and gives instantly exfoliated skin.
  • Simple Steps for better result 

  1. Before waxing: Ensure the skin is dry and free from cream,oils or deodorants before use. Use a talcum powder for non-sticky depilation.
  2. After waxing: Apply the perfect finishing wipes provided in pack to clean the skin. Run out of wipes use baby oil or any skin friendly oil to remove the wax. Do not use soap and water
  • How To Use:

  1. Warm the strip In your hands.
  2. Separate the Strip.
  3. Apply the Wax strip
  4. Pull back rapidly
  • REMOVES THE SHORTEST HAIR: Effective at pulling out hair as short as 1.5mm
  • NO STICKY RESIDUE: Comes with perfect finishing wipes, for removing stickiness, if any, post-use
  • MULTI-AREA USAGE: Suitable for use on underarms, arms, legs and bikini line.
  • NOT SUITABLE for use on head, face, eyes, nose, ears, around the anus, genitals and nipples or any other body parts. Do not use on varicose veins, scars, moles, spotty, broken, irritated, sunburnt skin or on skin that has had an adverse reaction to waxes in the past. Always leave 72 hours between hair removal sessions. Check with your doctor before using if you are on any medication which can affect the skin or if you suffer from any skin related disorder. Waxing is not suitable for the elderly, diabetics or people taking oral retinoids.

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